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Chasing silver in Tuckamore land
introduced by Hans and Ina van Klinken

A picture tells you more then a 1000 words



Norm Zeigler and his big salmon caught in salmon river 2013.

Read his amazing story: Down the River

One of the great ladies from Tuckamore's women's class 2013

 Special fly tying class for kids at Tuckamore lodge (summer 2013)

Seeing faces like this really make your day! (notice the colors of the fly with clothing!!)

Ina Stevens playing her biggest salmon ever (summer 2013)

Safely landed, measured and quickly released  (84cm)

When catches are poor a wonderful shore lunch still makes your day

Salmo the leaper one of the most spectacular features of nature

Ladies mostly doing very well  while fishing at Tuckamore Lodge

Womens class 2013 .... fly tying session (designing the Slut)

First ever salmon (tagged and taken)

Catch, photo and release is very popular among most of the guests at Tuckamore Lodge

A  boy with his first ever salmon 

Another  boy with his first ever salmon 

And... another  boy with his first ever salmon  (tagged and taken)

What a wonderful smile 

Lost .... with a smile, that is  fly fishing at highest level! 

Salmo the leaper

And... another  boy with his first ever salmon

Catch and carefully  release....

Ina Stevens biggest salmon ever caught in Beaver Brook

A salmon (78cm) caught on a tiny size 14 dry fly

Unique shot of simultaneous jumping

Even in heavy rain salmon (75cm)  is eager to grab your fly. 

Beautiful little grilse, caught on tiny dry fly

Fly fishing is much more then just throwing a line or catching a fish

We are gratified that more and more fly fishers are becoming aware that fly fishing is so much more then just throwing a line or wetting a fly. Fly fishing is certainly not just about catching fish. It is the experience of all that surrounds you and everything that transpires in that environment. The people at Tuckamore Lodge put a lot of effort to awaken a person's interest in the whole of nature and wildlife in perfect harmony with fly fishing. This is what makes it so easy for us to promote Barb Genge's idea's and share it with others.




The fly fishing guides at Tuckamore Lodge

photo of Dennis Outdoor Guide
photo of Brendan Head Guide
Head guide  Brendan

photo of Junior Outdoor Guide




Pictures Hans van Klinken, Ina Stevens and Tuckamore Lodge

 Hans van Klinken



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